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Where is Komodo National Park? Here's the answer

Komodo is included in the category of protected animals and is the only largest lizard in the world. No wonder many people from all over want to visit Komodo National Park. Then, where is Komodo National Park located?

When scheduling a Labuan Bajo trip, you should include the Komodo National Park as one of the places to visit. Come on, find out more information about the location and what are the interesting things in that place.

dragon island

Where is Komodo National Park ?

Komodo National Park was built in 1980 and is located in the Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Operational schedule every day for 24 hours non-stop.

There are two routes to reach this dragon-dominated park. First, you depart from Lombok then continue to Komodo Island.

The second way is to take the route from Kupang to Ende by plane. Then, the trip to Labuan Bajo is taken by minibus for 10 hours. Finally, use a speed boat to arrive at Komodo Island.

Lots of fun activities to do with a group. Moreover, the cost is not expensive, namely 90 thousand per person for domestic tourists with details of 10 thousand entrance tickets and 80 thousand for guide services. This price includes trekking and access to Padar Island and Rinca Island.

Foreign tourists will be charged a different rate, which is 250 thousand and there is an additional fee for hiring a guide.

Get to know Komodo National Park

The function of developing a national park is to protect Komodo dragon species that are threatened with extinction. Inside there are about 4 thousand tails that live freely in the open and have inhabited it for more than 40 years.

Thanks to the success of maintaining the existence of the Komodo dragon, in 1991 UNESCO designated the Komodo National Park as a world heritage.

This 173,300 hectare park is home to three large islands which are very exotic and must be visited while traveling there, namely Rinca Island, Komodo Island and Padar Island.

The natural panorama that is presented is very complete because it is not only forest, but there are beaches and hills with a very wide expanse of grass.

Nearly 70% of the land area is savanna forest and grasslands. The types of vegetation that grow are very diverse, there are around 254 types of plants recorded.

Apart from the Komodo dragon, there are other animals such as deer, various kinds of birds up to 28 species, 6 species of whales, thousands of fish, 10 types of dolphins and 385 species of coral.

Seeing so much biodiversity both land and sea, of course one day will not be enough to explore all places. But you don't need to worry, many lodgings are deliberately provided to facilitate visitors from various parts of the world.

Tourist Attractions in the National Park Area

1. Komodo island

If you want to learn everything about Komodo dragons for research purposes, making educational videos, news or other things, then visiting this national park located in NTT is the right choice.

where Komodo National Park is Its main goal is to see the animal that is more popularly known as this giant lizard up close. In addition, observing daily behavior including types of food and others. 

Even though you are a brave person, it is recommended to be careful and always walk with a group. You don't know what will happen walking alone without a ranger.

It could be that the Komodo dragon you are approaching is looking for a target to become prey. The reason is, in his mouth there is poison so it is very dangerous if any part of your body is bitten.

If you have to approach this dangerous animal, you should ask a ranger for help. This strategy is done in order to get the desired pose and still maintain safety.

2. Pink Beach

Pink Beach should always be on the list of tourist attractions that you can't miss. This beach is very unique because it has pink sand with very clear and beautiful blue sea water.

The pink color of the sand is caused by corals which contain pink pigments. Another term is phoraminipheres. Corals in the ocean are carried by the waves to the shoreline. Corals scattered and eventually mixed with sand.

This is certainly the main attraction for visitors who come. In addition, various species of beautiful fish, coral reefs and sponges are also found there.

3. Kanawa Island

For people who have busy work activities, seeing the sunrise and sunset is the most awaited moment. Especially if the moment takes place in a place as beautiful as Kanawa Island.

You can linger on this island to feast your eyes on the stunning natural scenery. In addition, it can rest the body and mind from work. Many resorts are available at affordable rates.

4. Rinca Island

Rinca Island is dominated by grasslands or savannas, so it is also a Komodo dragon's habitat. However, the geographical situation is different from Komodo Island, which is a dense forest. However, there are many interesting spots for selfies.

5. Kalong Island

Going to Kalong Island is very fun if done in the afternoon. This is because the scenery is very good. You can see thousands of bats flying in the sky. It's a shame not to be missed.

Make sure you don't forget to capture this moment by taking a photo or making a video documentation as a keepsake.

In the morning, groups of bats flock back to the island after looking for various foods. Sights like this are no less exciting to document.

6. Padar Island

The conditions on Padar Island are similar to those on Rinca Island, where a lot of grass grows. The available photo spots are the most famous among the various good places in Komodo National Park and Labuan Bajo.

7. Moringa Island

Kelor Island is a paradise for underwater views, especially for lovers of water sports such as snorkeling. When else can you watch various species of fish and coral reefs as much as you like? So, you make the best of this opportunity.

Moreover, the location is easy to access, from Labuan Bajo it is only about 1 hour away. The scenery on the island will also make you feel at home for long living here.

8. Visiting Tourism Village

A very valuable experience if you can observe the daily activities of the local community, namely making dragon statues.

You can buy them as souvenirs as well as souvenirs for friends, friends and so on. The shape is very good, creative and almost resembles the original form.

The interesting thing about Komodo Village is that many people are able to chat with Komodo dragons.

Save your curiosity and see for yourself when you visit there. It must be very fun too when visitors can mingle with the community. 

Now it's easier for you to prepare for a Labuan Bajo trip after knowing the details of the address where Komodo National Park is located. Thus, now there is no idea what means of transportation to choose based on the funds you have.

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