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Tired of the Beach? Try to Visit 3 Waterfall Tours in Labuan Bajo

When mentioning the Labuan Bajo trip, surely what comes to mind is Komodo Island. Actually, besides Komodo Island, around the Labuan Bajo area there are various other interesting destinations that you must visit, for example, such as waterfall tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo.

Recommended Waterfalls in Labuan Bajo

There is nothing wrong if you decide totake a Labuan Bajo trip. It would be even better if you have prepared a list of which destinations to visit when you are in Labuan Bajo.

In addition, some people do think that komodo dragons are one of the attractions possessed by Labuan Bajo. However, if you look at it further, it turns out that the area still has many other beautiful destinations. An example is the natural tourist destination of the waterfall.

Some waterfall locations are indeed quite close to the Labuan Bajo area. The following is a list of natural tourist destinations for waterfalls in Labuan Bajo that you must visit when traveling to Labuan Bajo.

1. Cunca Wulang Waterfall

Cunca Wulang waterfall is an alternative natural tourist destination around Labuan Bajo. The most suitable time to come to the waterfall is when you have visited the beach in Labuan Bajo.

When viewed from the meaning of Indonesian, the Cunca Wulang waterfall means moon waterfall. There are some important things you need to know about this waterfall. These important things are:

· Location

The exact location of Cunca Wulang waterfall is in Cunca Wulang Village, Mbeliling District, West Manggarai Regency.

· Entrance Ticket Price

Of course, to be able to enter the Cunca Wulang waterfall area, an entrance ticket is needed. The price offered from the entrance ticket to Cunca Wulang waterfall is IDR 20,000.00 for local tourists, and IDR 30,000.00 for visitors from abroad.

· Use Tour Guide Services

Another important thing that you must know is, in order to travel to the waterfall, you must use the services of a tour guide. However, if you don't have a guide from the beginning to help with the trip, you can rent it in the area.

The amount of price offered to use its services is around Rp. 100,000.00 for one guide. The place to pay for all needs such as tickets and rental guide services is near the entrance gate of Cunca Wulang waterfall.

If you have completed all the payments, then you can travel to the Cunca Wulang waterfall. This waterfall is also still included in the Mbeliling forest area. So, don't be surprised if the condition of the road you will take is forest trekking.

· Prepare Enough Provisions

The length of the road you will take is about 2 km. Although it looks long, the terrain you will pass is actually not so difficult. This is due to the lack of access to the streets up and down. Then it is recommended that you prepare enough provisions.

Some people say that the road to Cunca Wulang waterfall is a version of the lack of Green Canyon. The height of the Cunca Wulang waterfall is about 200 meters above sea level.

The interesting thing about this waterfall is that the water conditions are so clear with the support of the coolness of the natural atmosphere. In addition, downstream of the waterfall there is an area that you can use for swimming.

The downstream depth of the waterfall is about 10 m. In addition, the current contained in the waterfall flow can be said to be so fast. Therefore, if you intend to swim in the area, it would be better if it is approved by the tour guide who accompanies your trip.

One of the best moments to be able to enjoy natural treats in the Cunca Wulang waterfall area is to sit back and relax so that you can get peace.

2. Cunca Rami Falls

The second recommended waterfall in Labuan Bajois Cunca Ramiwaterfall. The location of this waterfall is the same as the Cunca Wulang waterfall, which is in the tropical forest area of Mbeliling, Roe Village, Wae Lolos Village, Sano Nggoang District, West Manggarai Regency.

To enter the Cunca Rami waterfall area, you can say that you don't need an entrance fee. However, when you get to the waterfall area, you will find a voluntary donation box.

You can put the amount of voluntary funds into the box without a minimum nominal given. The operating hours of this waterfall are 24 hours, so you can come every time.

Even though it is open for 24 hours, it is highly recommended if you travel to the Cunca Rami waterfall location when it is still light or not entering dark time. This is due to the lack of access to street lighting leading to the waterfall location.

In addition, when it is dark, you will also be hampered to enjoy the beauty of the charm possessed by the Cunca Rami waterfall.

Although this waterfall has long been a tourist destination, the facilities available are not enough to meet it. An example is such as the absence of room facilities for changing clothes.

Therefore, if you want to change clothes, you can try to find a closed area. In addition, around the Cunca Rami waterfall area there is a cultural village that is in the process of development.

The name of the village is Liang Ndara village. In the future, the village will become one of the tourist destinations for tourists who will come.

3. Cunca Falls Escape

In addition to the previous two waterfalls, it turns out that there are still more waterfall tourist destinations that are no less beautiful. The waterfall is Cunca Lolos waterfall.

The location of Cunca Lolos waterfall is in Wae Lolos Village, Sano Nggoang District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The distance from Labuan Bajo is only about 31 km.

Meanwhile, the estimated time it takes from Labuan Bajo to the location is about 60 minutes long. Having easy road access, then you can use a motorbike or car if you want to visit the waterfall location.

The height possessed by the Cunca Lolos waterfall is about 80 meters. The distance of the waterfall height turned out to be 40 meters higher than the Cunca Rami waterfall.

This waterfall is perfect for those of you who have a hobby of tracking, climbing, and swimming. This is because the waterfall is in the middle of a tropical forest that has its own natural coolness.

In addition, the presence of typical animals such as the Flores eagle and other types of birds can provide a different atmosphere when you are in the Cunca Lolos waterfall. Since 2019, this waterfall is still in the development stage.

The construction of the trail is indeed being implemented by the local government. The existence of a special development fund budget and mutual cooperation of local communities can facilitate the ongoing development process.

Some of the waterfall recommendations in Labuan Bajo above you can make an option as a tourist destination that will be visited when in Labuan Bajo. You should prepare adequate physical condition when visiting the location of the waterfall.

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