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Tips for Buying Flight Tickets to Labuan Bajo to Get Low Prices

Buying a plane ticket is an important first step in a Labuan Bajo trip because the only way to get there is by air. You need more money, but if you know the tips for buying affordable flight tickets to Labuan Bajo, you can cut your budget.

6 Tips for Buying Cheap Flight Tickets to Labuan Bajo

Book Ahead or Pass D-1

It's not wrong to think that the earlier you buy a ticket, the cheaper the price will be. But, do you know the exact time span is when? So, the best time is 8 to 6 weeks before the day of departure because the most ideal time to get a low price.

In addition, you can usually get cheap tickets to Labuan Bajo between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If it is weekend, Friday and Monday, generally the ticket price is still expensive.

If you want to stick to the same date, then buy it after the 20th. Because, ticket prices are still a bit high during the young date.

How about the benchmark is the same month? Don't buy tickets between December and January because they must be expensive. June to September is also an inopportune time. Try to buy tickets other than those months.

If your holiday schedule is still unclear but you want a vacation, then the best time to buy is H-1. It can be said to be reckless, but this method is quite effective because there may be passengers who suddenly cancel tickets.

Airlines will usually offer the ticket at a lower price because the take off time is also tight. It's not bad to be able to save the budget, right? But you have to move quickly because usually many people are eyeing.

2. Go When Low Season Is Better

Furthermore, the tip for buying a flight ticket to Labuan Bajo so you don't have tofight is to choose to leave during the low season. For those who don't know, the low season is the holiday period but it is empty of tourists. It was caused by the unfriendly weather and holidays that were responsible for traveling.

Low season in Labuan Bajo usually occurs in mid-January. The reason is that many people have to return to work after the Christmas and New Year holidays. So, you have a good chance to take a vacation there while others are busy.

Another alternative is to come during June because travelers prefer to come between April to May to enjoy the best view in Labuan Bajo. Then, July to August returns to high season because the best time to see Komodo dragons.

Arguably, June is a transition period between the high season months in Labuan Bajo. Besides not being too crowded, what else is the advantage of going during the low season? First, you will find a lot of tour package promos.

Secondly, air tickets and other transportation can be much more numerous and cheap. Third, the inn also provides attractive promos and you don't have to scramble to book rooms with other tourists.

3. Pay Attention to the Airline to Use

The matter of tickets is definitely inseparable from what airline you use. Some airlines that provide direct flights to Komodo Airport are Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Wings Air, NAM Air, Citilink and AirAsia.

You need to pay attention to whether airline services include Low Cost Carrier (LCC) or Full-Service. LCC airlines set cheaper ticket prices because there are reduced services. While Full-Service airline tickets are more expensive because the service is complete.

So that you are not surprised later, you need to know the consequences of taking an LCC plane. Some of them are narrower seats, less spacious legroom, paid food and drinks, and an extra charge for extra baggage.

The best time to book a flight ticket to Labuan Bajo is June. As mentioned earlier, June is indeed a transitional month so the demand for air tickets is not too much.

What is the price range for a one-way Komodo ticket? The average flight from Jakarta using Garuda Indonesia and Batik Air is around 700 thousand rupiah to 2 million rupiah. If you use Citilink, it is between 600 thousand rupiah to 1.8 million rupiah.

For example, your domicile in Surabaya, of course, the tickets are cheaper. Batik Air ticket prices are around 550 thousand rupiah to 1.5 million rupiah, while Wings Air is between 700 thousand rupiah to 2 million rupiah.

4. Take advantage of Google Flight

Tips for buying a fast and affordable flight ticket to Labuan Bajo is to search for it via Google Flight. This free feature turns out to be very useful for providing information on flight ticket prices according to the budget.

There are 3 main menus on Google Flight, namely Flights, Tracked Prices and Explore Map. For those who have never used it, don't worry because the appearance of the website is very user-friendly.

For example, if you have a Labuan Bajo trip plan, then just go directly to the Flights menu. There will be 3 flight options, namely one way, round trip and multi-city. If you choose one way, then just type Komodo Airport as the destination.

After completing the departure date, the Google Flights screen will change to the airline selection and fare page. The price displayed is the best recommendation, you know. In fact, Google Flight also displays a notification for example there is a price drop on a certain day.

5. Avoid Buying Wholesale Tickets

If you want an affordable ticket toLabuan Bajo, you can use these simple tips. Don't buy tickets in large quantities at once even if you go together. Buy tickets one by one according to the number of groups.

The reason is, if you buy a lot at once, the airline will give you the highest price for airplane tickets. This will automatically happen because it adjusts to rising customer demand.

But you can still order at the same time. The trick is simple, namely by opening the ticket website in a new tab as many as the number of tickets you want to buy. That way, the price displayed is that the normal ticket price can even be cheaper.

6. Don't Be Lazy to Find Promos

Tips for buying cheap flight tickets to Labuan Bajo can be by hunting for promos. You are familiar with promos, especially those who like to shop online. If you can get up in the middle of the night to buy your favorite things, of course, for the sake of vacation, you will be willing, right?

But you don't need to look at the website when you are in the middle of the pandemic, really because you can get flight ticket promos in a more relaxed way. Just register your email address with the airline. Later, you will get a newsletter if they have interesting promos.

Another alternative is to use the miles or points you accumulate while using a particular airline. If your points have reached the target, then you can get the same as a free flight ticket. Not bad, right? That's why you are diligent in looking for promos and information for a more economical vacation.

For those who want a vacation to Labuan Bajo, you can use these tips to get cheap tickets. The advantage is that you can allocate more budget for tickets to pay for lodging rentals, buy souvenirs and sudden needs during the trip. Happy ticket hunting, yes! Labuan Bajo awaits you.

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