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Choose a Good Time to go to Labuan Bajo in these 4 Best Moments!

Labuan Bajo is one of the best natural tourist destinations in Indonesia located in East Nusa Tenggara, precisely on the island of Flores. Its amazing natural beauty makes local and foreign tourists look for a good time to Labuan Bajo for a vacation.

However, are you curious, besides its natural beauty, why Labuan Bajo is so interesting to visit? There are many interesting stories from people who have visited Labuan Bajo and always want to return to the village withthe nickname The Land of Paradise.

The Best Moments of Vacation to Labuan Bajo

When you have found a good time to Labuan Bajo, it means that you have the opportunity to experience the best moments while on vacation on this island. Starting from January to December, the following are the best times to visit Labuan Bajo.

1. October to December

Starting from October to December, Labuan Bajo is a great place to enjoy the underwater scenery. Divingandsnorkelingactivities are perfect to do, from seeing the beautiful coral reefs to the variety of fish that pass in front of your eyes.

It is recommended to do activities on the water during the day if on vacation in December. This is because the rainy season has come and usually the fish rarely appear at night.

2. Festivals in January to March

Who wouldn't be happy when they see the uniqueness and festivities of a cultural festival? You will be amazed by the variety of festivals in Labuan Bajo as you enter the months of January to March.

Various festivals held ranging from Komodo Festival, Labuan Reba Festival, Florata Festival to Caci DanceFestival are ready to entertain tourists who are traveling to Labuan Bajo.

3. April and May

No one doubts the natural beauty of the Labuan Bajo islands. To make the most of your exploration, come on the best two months, April and May. At that time, the weather in Labuan Bajo tends to be sunny and suitable for tourists to walk around.

Due to the sunny weather, the natural scenery in this tourist city, from the stretch of green grass to the ocean, will be seen more clearly and highlight its beauty.

5. July to September

This rare animal is indeed able to attract the attention of tourists, namely komodo dragons. A unique sight that you can find when visiting this city from July to September is to watch the komodo dragon breeding season.

When entering the breeding season, Komodo dragons tend to spend their time going out and looking for their partners, so this is the right time for you if you want to see komodo dragons directly. Do you dare?

Natural Attractions in Labuan Bajo

When you decide to take aLabuan Bajo trip, you must be impatient to visit various natural attractions there.

If you have found a good time to comebut don't know for sure which attractions can be visited, then you need to look at the following description:

1. Exploring Kelor Island

Known as a stopover place for tourists, the beauty of Kelor island turns out to be able to hypnotize anyone who sees it. Although the name is not as popular as other islands, for example, such as Padar and Gili Lawa, but the beauty of Kelor island is also so stunning.

While on Kelor Island, you can do various activities such astrekking, which is walking around the island while enjoying the natural panorama. In addition, climbing in the hill range of Kelor island is also interesting to try. But, be careful of falling, yes! The path is quite steep.

Because the condition of Kelor island is not so much activity and tends to be quiet, it never hurts to camp on this island with friends. Integrated with nature and presented with a stretch of clear blue water, who can turn away from the beautiful island of Kelor?

2. Snorkelingin the Waters of Manjarite

A good time to go to Labuan Bajo to dosnorkelingactivities is when the water conditions are receding. No need to worry if you are not an expert when swimming, becausesnorkelingonly reaches the surface of the sea and you can still see the beauty of the marine life.

Many recommendsnorkelingin the waters of Manjarite island. The name sounds unique, huh? Shifting slightly from Kelor island, Manjarite is a paradise for those of you who like to spend time in the water while watching unique fish swimming beautifully.

There is one interesting thing about the island of Manjarite. Although this island has a small pier for stopping boats or small boats, it turns out that Manjarite is an area where there are no residents, you know.

3. View the Hills on Gili Lawa

Gili Lawa is one of the proud islands of Labuan Bajo because its grass plains can change color based on seasonal changes. Sounds impossible, huh? But you can find this on Gili Lawa.

If you are looking for a good time to go to Labuan Bajo to see the color change in the Gili Lawa plain, you should come during the dry season. The expanse of green grass instantly changed its color to brick red. If it enters the rainy season, its color changes to yellowish-green.

Gili Lawa also has a row of hills to do climbing activities. You will be amazed because when you are at the top, seeing the moment of sunrise or sunset on the top of the Gili Lawa islands hill is the most beautiful thing while here.

4. Enjoying the Panorama of Padar Island

Padar Island became popular because it became part of the Komodo National Park. No wonder it's a good time to go to Labuan Bajo when you can visit this island. As one of the three largest islands, Padar island is indeed not to be missed.

The thing that is quite astonishing about the island of Padar is that this area was once used as a dumping ground for Komodo dragons. So, when you visit Padar island, make sure to be accompanied by a guide to ensure safety while there.

But you don't need to worry, because Padar Island is indeed very beautiful and must be captured through photos or videos. Its natural beauty makes Padar island included in the UNESCO version of the world heritage, especially when youare trekkingto the top of the hill. Must try!

Enjoying a Labuan Bajo trip is indeed an activity that you must try. Moreover, if you can determine a good time to Labuan Bajo, then your tour will feel more enjoyable.

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