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Best Hotel Recommendations in Labuan Bajo

In addition to listing tourist destinations, choosing lodging is also important when you are planning a Labuan Bajo trip. There are 3 things to consider, namely location, rental price and facilities. Let you have an idea, here are some recommendations for the best hotels in Labuan Bajo.

9 Best Hotels in Labuan Bajo

1.   L Bajo Hotel Komodo

One of the saving tips in Labuan Bajo trip is to choose lodging that is affordable. You can make L Bajo Hotelthe best alternative with a nightly rate of 300 thousand rupiah.

The hotel is located at Jalan Kasimo No. 99, Labuan Bajo and is only 6 minutes away from Komodo Airport. The place is cool, you know, because it faces directly to Labuan Bajo Beach and if you want to go to Komodo Island, it takes about 4 hours.

There are 55 minimalist and comfortable rooms that you can order according to the number of people. The interior of thehotelis always well maintained so it looks clean and still nice. The facilities offered include air conditioning, LED TV, Wi-Fi, room service, lounge, restaurant and a large parking area.

2.   Luwansa Beach Resort

Pede Beach will be a daily view if you stay at Luwansa Beach Resort. The popular beach in Labuan Bajo has a beautiful panorama and a beautiful atmosphere that makes your vacation even more perfect.

Room types available such as villa room only, villa room breakfast, deluxe room only and deluxe room breakfast. The rental price per night is around 500 thousand rupiah with cool facilities such as:

  • AC + TV
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Safety box
  • Outdoor pool
  • Spa & massage services
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Coffee shop
  • Parking area

The distance from Luwansa Beach Resort to Labuan Bajo Airport is about 10 minutes. If you want to go to Rinca Island, it only takes about 2 hours to take a boat.

3.   Labeletoile

Furthermore, Labeletoileis also one of the best hotels in Labuan Bajo which is affordable. The room rental rate per night is around 500 thousand rupiah. For those who want to explore Labuan Bajo with satisfaction, it is very suitable to stay at Labeletoile.

The reason is, this hotel that is close to Pede Beach has bicycle and car rental services. So there is no need to worry about almost a rental place because the one near is already there.

Other amenities include standard but comfortable rooms, air conditioning, toiletries, terrace and chairs, a restaurant, a public area and a parking lot.

Not only the beach, the location of Labeletoile is also close to the famous Batu Cermin Cave in Labuan Bajo. You can walk through cave tunnels whose walls can reflect light exactly like a mirror.

4.   Sylvia Resort Komodo

Labuan Bajo still has many choices of resorts, such as Sylvia Resort Komodo which is close to Waecicu Beach. You can enjoy the stretch of beach every day which is guaranteed to make you not want to go home.

This resort sets a rental price per night of around 500 thousand rupiah. Still affordable, right? Moreover, the facilities offered are quite interesting and complete such as air conditioning, LED TV, toiletries, free Wi-Fi, outdoor pool, restaurant, karaoke place, billiard place, gym and lounge chairs.

The room design at Sylvia Resort looks minimalist and modern. There is a large glass window that, when opened, the blue sea water of Waecicu can be seen immediately without obstruction.

The distance of the resort to Labuan Bajo port is about 20 minutes by vehicle. If the distance to Komodo Island is calculated to be about 50 minutes by boat.

5.   Komodo Boutique Hotel

The name Komodo Boutique Hotel is already popular with tourists because of its low prices and complete facilities. You only need to spend 300 thousand rupiah to rent a room per night.

Each room has a terrace, chairs and boundary wall with the terrace of the next room. You will get facilities that include air conditioning, LED TV, free Wi-Fi, restaurant, lounge, coffee shop, bar, BBQ equipment, shuttle service and bicycle rental.

The central part of Komodo Boutique Hotel is filled with green gardens and beautiful fountains. Anyway, it's really comfortable to take a break after a day of exploring Labuan Bajo.

The distance of the hotel to Labuan Bajo is relatively close. You can also go to Pede Beach because it is not too far from the hotel location.

6.   Bajo View

For those who ask is there not the best hotel in Labuan Bajo for backpackers? Obviously there is a dong and it has a very unique design, namely Bajo View. This inn has the concept of tents lined up, so it feels like camping again.

Don't be surprised after knowing the rental price. You only need to spend IDR 17,000 per room that can be filled by 2 people. It's even different if you want breakfast service, so add IDR 50,000, towels IDR 10,000 and blankets IDR 15,000.

The inside of the room is exactly rich in the tent. There are soft mattresses, small tables and fans. Even though it's cheap, the free Wi-Fi facility is still there. One important thing when staying at Bajo view is the light flame rule which is only 6 – 9 am and 6 pm – 9 pm.

7.   Le Pirate

If you are on vacation to Labuan Bajo crowded, consider staying at Le Pirate. There are 14 choices of rooms with many capacities such as family rooms for 4 people, shared bunk for 4 people and double rooms for 2 people.

Le Pirate has an interesting building with shades of white and navy blue. If you look around, the shape is similar to doll houses that are unique and beautiful. The room is dominated by wood and there is a medium-sized terrace in each room.

The rental price per night starts from 400 thousand rupiah but can vary depending on the type of room and additional facilities you need. The location of Le Pirate is on Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Labuan Bajo.

8.   Komodo Resort & Diving Club

A must-stay place for those of you who have diving plans in Labuan Bajo. Because, the price of renting a Komodo Resort room already includes diving costs and equipment. The bundling tariff range is around Rp12,500,000.

Other packages are also available for non-divers which cost around Rp2,300.00. Rooms at Komodo Resort have a bungalow concept and are dominated by wood materials. The interior of the room is quite aesthetic with a bed equipped with white curtains.

This resort has a restaurant called The Sunset Restaurant because it will serve the coolest sunset view as long as you enjoy the food. The types of food vary, you know, ranging from locally to internationally processed.

9.   Selini On The Hill Villas

The best hotel in Labuan Bajowith hill view is Selini On The Hill Villas. The location is close to Pede Beach about 10 minutes by vehicle.

You will see the panorama of the beach and the natural landscape of Labuan Bajo every day from a height. Very suitable to be a relaxation spot while sitting in front of the room.

Regarding the room, you will be amazed by the design offered by Selini. The material used for floors, beds, chairs, tables and the whole building is sturdy local wood. This is done because this inn has an eco-friendly concept.

The rental rate per night for a capacity of 2 people starts from IDR 700,000 which includes breakfast.

You can use these 9 hotel recommendations as a reference when planning aLabuan Bajo trip. Make sure to choose a hotel that fits your budget but adequate facilities. In addition, it's a good idea to choose a hotel that is strategically located so that access is easier and faster.

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