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9 Interesting Things in Labuan Bajo that You Need to Try

What do you think of the first time you hear Labuan Bajo? Surely most of them answer komodo dragons, because that's where their natural habitat is. But, after knowing these 9 interesting things in Labuan Bajo, itis guaranteed that your answers will be more varied. Curious what else is there?

9 Interesting Things to Try During a Vacation in Labuan Bajo

1. Luxury Traveler Riding Phinisi

Labuan Bajo tripis known as island hopping because the island clusters there are separated by vast waters. So, the only transportation used is the ship. If you want an exclusive vacation, ridinga phinisican be an interesting choice.

This typical Indonesian ship has a classy appearance and luxurious interior. The inside is equipped with a comfortable cabin full of AC, outdoor dining area, lounge chairs, bathtub and other facilities equivalent to a 5-star hotel.

One phinisi ship can accommodate 8 to 17 people. The cost varies depending on the type of ship and the facilities you will get. The cheapest rate per person is usually around Rp3,575,000 and the most expensive is around Rp5,437,000.

2. Trekking on Padar Island for the Sake of Exotic Panoramas

Labuan Bajo has 3 largest islands and one of the must-visit is Padar Island. If you are diligent in opening social media, you must be familiar with the name because it is very popular recently.

An exciting and challenging activity on Padar Island is trekking to the top of the hill. The path that must be climbed is relatively easy, because stairs have been built. Unfortunately, there is no handle on the edge so you should bring a hiking stick.

When you reach the top, you will be amazed by the landscape that is presented for free. There are 3 bluish-green inner bays, a series of hills typical of the Komodo Islands and other island clusters around Padar. Be sure to ride in the morning to enjoy the super cool view.

3. Photos with Komodo dragons on Komodo and Rinca Islands

It is clear that the place where Komodo dragons live is one of the 9 interesting things in Labuan Bajo that cannot be missed. There are 2 islands with the most number of Komodo dragons, namely Komodo and Rinca Islands. The two islands also have the status of the largest islands besides Padar.

The number of Komodo dragons on Rinca Island is around 1,300 heads while on Komodo Island it is around 1,700 heads. But you will find it easier to meet this giant lizard when on Rinca Island because the area is narrower than the other island.

When you get there, you can choose the short track, medium track or long track to get closer to the Komodo dragon. During the trekking, you will be accompanied by a guide aka ranger.

Later, these rangers will follow the road, anticipating an impromptu attack from the Komodo dragon and helping you to take pictures with the ancient Komodo dragons.

4. Meet Manta Rays at Manta Point

Not only Komodo dragons, Labuan Bajo has other endangered animals that are also protected, namely manta rays. The name of this marine life is very popular, you know. It doesn't feel right if you don't go to Manta Point to meet the giant stingray.

Many admit that Manta Point is the best diving and snorkeling spot. Especially for those who want to see manta rays up close. But if you don't have a diving license then just snorkel it.

The best time to go to Manta Point is between June and September. In those months, ocean currents were relatively friendlier and manta rays were easier to find.

The size of the manta rays living there can be more than 8 meters. The good news is that this fish is famous for being friendly to humans, not poisonous and the tail without a sting. So, you can more safely approach and take pictures with manta rays.

5. Fun Snorkeling in Manjarite and Kanawa Islands

Manjarite Island is usually the initial destination visited during Labuan Bajo trips because it is quite close. Indeed, the name is still inferior to other large islands in Labuan Bajo, but the view you have cannot be underestimated.

Manjarite's two main attractions are the clear shallow waters and the iconic long pier. You can freely swim or snorkel to enjoy the charm of marine life. Another snorkeling spot that is no less interesting is Kanawa Island.

The sea water is clear and you can see coral reefs of various shapes and cute small fishes. Kanawa Island also has iconic photo spots such as Manjarite, which is a long wooden bridge.

6. Enjoy the Best Sunset on Kalong Island and Sylvia Hill

It is called Kalong Island because there are indeed many large kalong aka bats in this place. No need to be afraid because the bats that fly around when dusk comes, actually beautify the view you see. Because, the sunset on Kalong Island is one of the best.

Another cool sunset spot is on Sylvia Hill or better known as Bukit Cinta. You need to go up the hill to get a more magical panorama. The sunset view on Sylvia Hill is enhanced by a calm stretch of sea, hills and cruise ships that sometimes pass by.

7. Photo Hunting on the Pink Beach Edge

Not to forget, Pink BeacBeautiful h is thenext 9 interesting things in Labuan Bajowhich is famous for its pink sand. The phenomenon of pink color is caused by Foraminifera which is a microscopic animal.

Its huge number makes the coral reefs in the sea reddish. Fragments of crushed pink coral were carried to the shore and mixed with white sand. Over time the flakes increase and eventually dominate.

The pink color of the sand combined with the blue color of the clear sea water becomes a super beautiful photo background. Anyway, even as long as you take a shot, you will get satisfying photos because every corner of Pink Beach is stunning.

8. Camping in Mbeliling Hill

For those who like more challenges, Labuan Bajo offers a spot for hiking, namely Mbeliling Hill. The height of this hill is about 1258 meters above sea level and is shrouded in dense green forest. A great place to satisfy your longing for the outdoors.

Mbeliling Hill also has a special camping area that is well known to many tourists. It's really exciting, you know, camping on a hill and in the middle of the wilderness. An experience that is guaranteed not to be forgotten.

If you are lucky, you can see endemic animals such as serindit flores and crow flores. Both belong to protected endangered animals. When you reach the top, the stunning view of Labuan Bajo is spread wide without barriers. Interested in going there?

9. Massaging the Feet in the Soft White Sands of Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar is indeed interesting even though the area is narrow. This destination is an embossed island that contains only white sand and has gentle banks.

The white sand is so soft that it is delicious to use as a footwear base. In addition, taking pictures, playing in the water and sitting on the edge of the island are other interesting activities.

It is proven that Labuan Bajo trip offers an exciting experience, right? Of course, because there are many choices of destinations that have their own charms. In addition, you can feel the excitement of sleeping, eating and relaxing on the boat during the journey from one island to another.

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